WV54MA-82 MASUMA South American Hot Business Factory Price Chinese Car Thermostats For 1987-1999 Japanese Cars 7.4*4.1*5.5cm

2 Pieces
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WV54MA-82 MASUMA South American Hot Business Factory Price Chinese Car Thermostats For 1987-1999 Japanese Cars 7.4*4.1*5.5cm
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Model: Passport, SR59V
Year: 1994-1996, 1987-1999
Engine: 2, SR59V. WL. 2WD.
OE NO.: SE08-15-171A, 1316-15-171A, 1363-15-171A, 1363-99-152, 81W3-15-171A, 8AW3-15-171B, SE01-15-171, SE08-15-171, SE08-99-152, SL09-15-171, SL09-99-152A, SE08-15-171A
Car Fitment: Hobby, Contact for more details
Warranty: Warranty 12 months or 30 thousand kilometer
Reference NO.: []
Car Model: Contact for more details
Auto parts name: thermostat
Installation tutorial: Yes
In stock: Yes
Packing size: 7.4*4.1*5.5 cm
Informations de base
Model Number: Passport, SR59V, Contact for more details
Conditions de paiement et expédition
Packaging Details: MASUMA Anti-drop, anti-collision and moisture-proof paper box
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Product Description


Part Name thermostat
OEM No. SE08-15-171A,1316-15-171A,1363-15-171A,1363-99-152,81W3-15-171A,8AW3-15-171B,SE01-15-171,SE08-15-171,SE08-99-152,SL09-15-171,SL09-99-152A
Warranty Warranty 12 months or 30 thousand kilometer
MOQ 2 pcs
Delivery time Within 7 days
Masuma thermostats are manufactured using high-class equipment, taking into account all the requirements for modern car cooling systems. The thermostat is a regulator of the fluid temperature in the engine cooling system. It accelerates engine warm-up and maintains the required thermal mode of operation. Thermostats are guaranteed for 12 months. Wherever you bought or installed a part, within a year you have the right to return it by simply providing him with a receipt or other document confirming the purchase date and price. Even if you are not a certified auto mechanic and installed the part yourself in your garage, just keep your purchase receipt and, if a problem arises, you can always return the part. Masuma is a global brand of auto parts, components and consumables. The main specialization of the brand: resource parts for post-warranty service of Japanese cars. The company's strategy is to offer consumers the best ratio of reliability and cost of spare parts. All products are manufactured to order, technology and under the control of the parent company Masuma Auto Spare Parts Co., LTD (Tokyo, Japan) at dozens of modern factories located in East Asia.

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WV54MA-82 MASUMA South American Hot Deals Chinese factory price car Thermostats for 1987-1999 Japanese cars

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